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At eTitle Direct, we understand that it is all about relationships and we pride ourselves in fostering deep ties with real estate professionals throughout the New York and New Jersey area, by offering our premium services. We provide a full suite of solutions to enhance the consumer experience in every real estate transaction, ensuring you loyalty, referrals and repeat business from happy customers. Our goal is that, both, you and your clients, experience a hassle-free closing experience at the lowest cost possible. eTitle Direct strongly believes that by continuously educating our real estate professionals and their buyers, we are carving a distinct niche in the Title industry. In an eCommerce and online world, our eTitle Direct has created revolutionary software to expeditiously assist you in reaching your goal of seamless and transparent closings. Our team of professionals are readily available to assist in listing and selling all properties, closing and settling all real estate transactions and ultimately growing your business. We work side by side with you during the entire process and provide custom products and services you need to flourish and succeed. We will help boost your business and allow you to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market by providing you the tools to educate, inform and, most importantly, make client’s life easier. Make yourself a valuable resource and trusted real estate partner by giving your buyers and sellers the information they need. Contact us to learn more about valuable business resources we are offering.

Simplify Title Closing with TitleTrack™

Our own Revolutionary Software TitleTrack™, created for Real Estate Professionals like you, allows us to do our job more efficiently which makes your job easier. View the status of your orders in one place, gain in-depth access to all of your title insurance files, documents and track the progress of every order in real time.

TitleTrack ™

Exclusive to eTitle, TitleTrack™ is a revolutionary title tracking software that allows you to view the status of your orders in one place. As an eTitle client, you will gain in-depth access to all of your title insurance files and TitleTrack™ will electronically save all of your documents, allowing access to these files at all times — forever.

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Zoning Exhibits I, II, III, IV & V

Before the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) will approve an application for a new building or existing building enlargement, applicants must file zoning exhibits with the county clerk’s office or city registrar’s office to verify the zoning lot.

Let eTitle Direct help you prepare and record your Zoning Exhibits for a flat fee of $590.

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