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We offer to pay for all the so-called fees and other services other companies charge for.

The fees that you pay for may be called the following:

Departmental Search
Municipal Search
Patriot Search
Bankruptcy Search
Express Delivery Charge
Escrow Service Charge
Recording Service Charge
and many more

The only charge and in most cases mandatory is your Title Insurance Premium. Because, simply, your bank will not allow you to borrow money without it.

Typical Competitor eTtitle
As a buyer, you want to protect your investment and the ownership rights that come with it. This is why it's wise to purchase an owner's policy of title insurance, which will protect your rights as the homeowner for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property.
Owner's Policy
$2,840.50 $2,840.50
Lender's policy is required by most lending institutions as a way to insure their security interest in the property. This policy protects the lending institution for as long as they maintain an interest in the property (typically until your mortgage is paid out)
Lender's Policy
$696.00 $696.00
Charges $1,448.13 Included
This quote is based on a purchase in the 5 boroughs, Westchesters, Nassau or Suffolk with the Purchase price of $750,000 and the Loan Amount on $600,000 with 1 Seller and 1 Buyer.

eTitle Direct can save you $1,448.13 due to our low premium rates and low fees.
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