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At E-title Direct, our core mission is to educate, enlighten and ensure New York home-buyers and the real estate professionals that serve them, peace of mind and total transparency in the process of purchasing and protecting real property at an affordable price.

Our full-service, on-line company offers the lowest closing costs in NYC and a selection of premium underwriters customized for your property needs. E-title Direct eliminates the mark up on all fees by utilizing independent search abstractors who compete to give you the lowest cost possible. We, then provide you a clear, itemized bill that demonstrates that we charge no fee for our services.

We believe you have a choice and we are excited to provide our unique, revolutionary tools and resources to streamline the closing transaction process with Truth, Commitment and Accountability. In an on-line world, our cutting-edge, “real-time” software facilitates and expedites your home-buying experience, by giving you total control and access to all documents relating to your transaction.

A company is only as good as the promises they keep and E-Title Direct maintains our stellar reputation as an industry leader, through our integrity, forthrightness and openness. We urge all our customers to do their due diligence. We know that we can successfully save you money and time and we love to help!

At E-Title Direct, We KNOW New York. Peruse our website and get to know us. Get a free quote, watch our videos. We think you’ll like what you see.

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